Let's sort this out

If virgin hair has been processed without removing the cuticles), eg. colored or permed, it is referred to as remy, which means that the cuticles are still there and aligned in the same direction which will prevents excessive tangling.

If the hair has had its cuticles stripped it is no longer remy and just referred to as human hair, or human hair blend if it has synthetic fillers which is common on Aliexpress – but that is something most companies these days won't tell you. Non-remy hair is inexpensive because it is made out of fallen hair from salons that has been picked up and put together. We do not deal with that type of hair at all, so let's move on.

Remy hair is categorized in the premium segment. It has its cuticle intact and running in the same direction, just like the hair that grows on your head. This of course helps prevent tangling, protects the hair from damage and reflects light just as natural undamaged hair should.

Our raw virgin and natural remy hair is categorized into two types

Raw virgin or natural remy hair - Double drawn: This type of hair is the thickest quality and the bundles are arranged with equal lengths. There will be few to no short hairs in a piece.

Raw virgin or natural remy hair - Single drawn: This hair is the most common and is usually from one single donor but sometimes two. Care is taken to remove the very short strands, but the bundle is tapered just as a natural pony tail would be.

Fallen hairBales of fallen human hair