Born out of frustration

Hair has been a big deal for us since childhood. And a cold climate made protective styling crucial. Our owner worked for the first Swedish hair shop during high school as far back as 1998 and has since had a close relation to hair extensions, but the quality would seldom add up to the price. Thousands of dollars had been spent on bad hair from what turned out to be Chinese sweat shops. Enough. 

So together with a friend, Lou started to dig into the hair business around 2009 and after many trials and errors finally made it a small business to be proud of!

Why buy from us

Throughout the years we have sourced hair from countries literally all over the world only to later find out that the majority was of Asian origin. Asia is the world's largest continent with a diverse population which means a wide selection of hair types and textures are available and can be found in excellent quality, so we feel no need to label our hair falsely for marketing purposes. 

Our extensive knowledge about the hair industry comes as a result of years of travel, research, tons of samples, and a lot of sweat. We are now confident with our local partners and the hair that we source and have production set up in Southeast Asia in close relation NGO organizations that we continuously support.

All to make sure that we can carry on with our mission to become a fully ethical business, making a difference in both conscious beauty consumption and social matters.


This is a social entrepreneurship born out of a passion for healthy hair, sustainability and growing organically via satisfied customers. This is very important to us. You can count on us to deliver high quality and excellent service, but please respect that we are online retailers to keep prices at a reasonable level.
You can easily get in touch with us for questions and custom orders or just ask for style and salon advice by visiting our contact page and dropping us a line.
Business owners: We are more than happy to share our knowledge by helping salons, shops and fellow small business owners provide their clients with excellent hair. Together with our designer Henrik Grill we can offer customized branding, packaging, and help you with a professional graphic identity.

For collaborations, business proposals or other inquiries, please send us an email at with a clear subject line.

Raw hair right after collection at the family warehouse